Sunday, 13 April 2014

Solid Foods For My Little Angle


Luckily my little angle sleep early tonight. 
It's a chance to write the continuous of last entry about Introducing Solid Food To Sarah.

Let's go through what Sarah had on her early day with solid foods.

Avocado + Banana

For starter I made Avocado + Banana puree adding with a breast-milk. You know what, Sarah's having a very hard stools. I found out too many bananas on her food cause constipation. The next day I put less banana and adding more milk. Liquid puree better and it is easy to absorb and digest. No more constipation after that.

Papaya Puree

After 4 days, I change to another life's treasure, a papaya. Why papaya? Because of constipation Sarah last time had, I decided to give her papaya. We know papaya is a useful digestive aid. Papaya puree with breast-milk will do and Sarah was OK to it.

Cerelac Beras Merah

Oh how lazy your mummy was, Sarah! She's not working yet she's giving instant food to you. Don't condemn me much, I know I should prepare healthier home-made food for my baby. But, I do believe Cerelac meets baby's growing nutritional needs. Best of all, Sarah was OK to it.

Potato puree 

On that time I was searching ingredients to make chicken-chop and these potatoes initially mean to be mash and eat with my chicken-chop. As there are 4 potatoes left, why not I give it to Sarah? These potatoes were steamed and pureed, adding some breast-milk and guess what, Sarah loves it very much.

Rice porridge with carrot

After 4 days with potatoes, I changed the menu again. This time I decided to feed my baby with real home-made porridge enriched with various vegetables nutrients. Since there's only carrot on my fridge, so rice porridge with carrot only-lah! I cook the rice porridge first until the consistency is achieved, then insert the carrot until it become tender. By doing that, I can keep up the nutrients inside the carrot. Oh ya, the ready porridge later I blended lightly to get smoother liquidity texture.

Rice porridge + broccoli and pear juice

Same method in preparing porridge, just a step ahead by changing from carrot to broccoli. A very pure and tasteless porridge I ever made. No salt or additional seasoning at all. What matter most is, Sarah enjoyed her foods muchos.

My little food-lover fall asleep while eating. Funny Sarah.

Dear Sarah, mummy loves you so much. Don't blame mummy for your constipation and hard stools ya. Mummy and abi will try our best to give you the best-est.

I love to visit Momtastic and totally glued with the tips & recipes she shared.
You can find a babies food charts also, it's very helpful.
Do come and visit her perhaps it will benefits you too.

Sorry for the long entry, am I boring you? 
Next time I'll write it longer yep. Nah, I'm just joking. Huhu.
Till then, love ya muchos (@_@)

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