Saturday, 12 April 2014

Introducing Solid Food To Sarah


When I was writing this entry, Sarah was already 6 months and 2 weeks. Today I slept her on her buai to make sure that she sleeps longer so may I focus more on blog anyway. 

Sleep tight Sarah. Don't wake up until mummy finish this entry.

This entry is mainly about introducing solid food to my daughter Sarah. Sarah is a fullbreastfeed baby and I was introduced her with solid food at 5 and half months. I am sure that Sarah is just about ready for food and I have no doubt that she is ready. 

But, I am NOT RECOMMEND you guys to follow me in giving solid food to 5 months plus baby. Research has shown that baby don't even begin to develop the enzymes necessary for food digestion until 6 months, which means they aren't getting full nutritional value out of the food, and it can actually cause intestinal damage. 

How do I know that Sarah is ready for solid foods?
1. She can sit up independently without support.
2. She can control her head in upright position and able to turn their head away.
3. She able to turn her head and refuse by hand to show that her tummy is full. 
3. She is showing her interest in food (eyeing on our plate curiously for instance).
4. She has significant weight gain by doubling her birth weight. 
5. Loss of tongue-thrust reflex. To keep solid food in her mouth and then swallow it, baby needs to stop using his tongue to push food out of his mouth. 
6. She knows how to chew. At this stage, baby should be able to move food to the back of his mouth and swallow. 

Actually, my husband scold me saying that I was sesuka-hati experimenting food to our baby. I've goggled around about solid food for babies and get many useful info. I will interpreting it on my way and follow my own intuition when preparing Sarah's foods. On top of that, I will always be careful and aware with those pros and cons on foods I gave her. 

Know what my mom said, "alah orang dulu-dulu umur sebulan dah bagi anak makan nasi, letak garam sikit, lenyek sikit pastu paksa telan. Sihat je budak tu sampai sekarang". Ok mak, itu orang dulu, ni kesah orang sekarang. Huhu.

Oh ya! New foods should be introduced to baby separately follow as per the four days rule. This rule make it easier to identify any 'problem' of foods that we may need to avoid! So we can continue to feed our baby other foods that we have safely introduced.

 Sarah loves food very much.   

This is not the ending of the entry actually, extensively I want to share the food I gave to Sarah but I need to postpone it to another entry. Guess why? My little angle has woke up, I saw she squeezed shut her eyes. There is no way for me to soothe her anymore.

Till then, love ya muchos (*_*)

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