Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Month After The Mysterious Incidents In The Modern World - MH370

As for today it has been almost exactly a month since flight MH370 went missing. Can I conclude that the mystery of missing MH370 as one of the most mysterious incidents in the modern world? The sudden disappearance of 'Malaysian Iron-Bird' raised so many opinions, rumors as well as speculations about conspiracy theories.

As at this stage, I believe the SAR teams still doing their best at the challenging Indian Ocean which the flight MH370 was believed to be ended. While the latest update said that the black box 'pings' possibly detected. 

For me, the sacrifices by SAR teams must be appreciated and I wish a very safe journey to all of them. May MH370 is found, or at least the blackbox therefore we would able to retrieve the information and answer the real commotion. 

Nevertheless, all over the world were pointed on Malaysia. What bother me is, will Malaysia still be blamed for an incident that was never on our fault? This is a crucial time for Malaysia, obviously. Too many hiccups, too many ambiguities, too many questions marks. 

Whatever stories behind the shadow, my heart went to the innocent crews and passengers of MH370. It is hard for us to bear, but for the families are even harder. My thoughts and prayers are always with those affected.

For me, as a Muslim, I believe that Allah has planned everything and everything that happened was a reminder to us. A "Qada' and Qadar" . 
And as Malaysian, we must stay unite during this gloom and sorrow. 
Malaysians, unite!

Is the real thing will be revealed? Allah knows.

Till then, love ya muchos (^_~)

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