Thursday, 10 April 2014

CHEQKIT - New Application on Apple Store

As more and more applications are launched, I want to share with you a new application on Apple Store. 
Called it, CHEQKIT

Take a moment to discover the new CHEQKIT.

CHEQKIT is a mobile application for an online community-and-location-based retailed consumer good reference network. Users can use the application to share retail and consumer goods prices, look for the cheapest price around, be informed of retail outlet having sale promotions and if in need of direction, find the way to the retail outlet.

CHEQKIT is free but registration is required. To register, you need to download the application. Once registered, you can start using CHEQKIT immediately. The next time you do your grocery shopping, be sure to CHEQKIT first. Use CHEQKIT to buy-smart.

It's a very simple and easy to use as well. 
What you need to do is just upload CHEQKIT from your Apple Store and that's it, you can start using it.


Just scan all items around you to get a price comparison as the difference from: NSK, GIANT, TESCO, JUSCO etc. And if they are not on the list you can easily add by yourself, so that all users can start looking for prices good around them.

Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later.
Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
Currently launched for first version and the new version is coming soon.
***I heard that they're looking forward to expand CHEQKIT on Androids.

CHEQKIT are owned and fully developed entirely by 
NEASA Creative Integrant
It's actually owned by my cousins, Kak Ija & Abg Nazir (they're both sibling).
Me and Kak Ija (Nak tumpang sekaki jugak :p)

Try CHEQKIT, experienced it and let it be synonymous in your mind when you're about to shop.
I'm sure this will benefit you in your daily life.

Ok darlings, I'm about to sleep.
Till then, love ya muchos (^_^)

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