Sunday, 13 April 2014

Sarah hates to drink water!

Water, on the other hand, is a bit an issue to Sarah. 
She hates to drink water.

Sarah's expression as a sign of H20 rejection. 

Has anyone else had a same problem and what did you do about it?

I am battling with Sarah over drinking water almost every-time I gave her food. She refuses water, only when she is truly thirsty then she will.

I thought plain water is tasteless perhaps, thus I try to add a little less honey just to give the water a hint of flavor, she still flat-out refuses. I also give her fresh fruit juice (normally I made pear juice) but she drink very little. Actually I want to avoid sugary or sweet drinks as it may reduce her appetite for healthy foods.

Some of the pediatrician said that baby less than a year should not drink water because it's has empty calories. Similarly, the water takes up room in babies tiny tummies where milk is supposed to be.

When thinking about less water may cause hard stools, I totally desperate want her to drink more water. I'm getting increasingly worried, especially with the hot weather is warming-up.

Seriously I have no idea how to deal with it. I hope the breastmilk she had is enough to balance with the solids food she take.

Any ideas or guide to help my baby drinks H2O?
Do come and share :)
Till then, love ya muchos.


  1. Comelnya Sarah! Tak pe... slow2 nanti dia dah biasa dia ok...

  2. TQ Nanie :) Slow2 ni menguji kesabaran sikit sebenarnya hihi.